Proppy VS Proposify

Are you currently using or investigating Proposify and wondering whether you'd be better off using Proppy? Let's answer that!

Simpler and faster to use

Proposify is a web version of InDesign: you edit a proposal on a page-by-page basis, and place every item manually, constantly checking that pixels are aligned to avoid weird looking designs.

Proppy takes care of the design for you, so you can focus on the content and get back to work. Our editor is one of the fastest around when it comes to writing content

Built for the web

Proposify is built around paper pages. Proppy does not have this limitation: the whole proposal is a single page that flows naturally.

This means your clients can view a proposal from any device and it will work flawlessly. How often do you start your day on a mobile phone? That's why you want Proppy instead of old paper.