Proppy VS Google Docs

Are you currently using Google Docs and wondering whether you'd be better off switching to Proppy? Let's answer that!

More than a word processor

Google Docs is great: we use it ourselves for most of our documents and it was our first tool to create proposals for our agency.

Being a word processor comes with downsides though: it doesn't look great, it's hard to find the bits you want from other documents, and it's easy to mess up cost tables. On Proppy all your proposals look good immediately, importing content from other proposals is easy, and cost tables are calculated automatically. No more costly errors!

Proppy keeps you organised

In Google Docs, organising your sales process happen manually: you create folders and move proposals around. This is time-consuming and it's very easy to miss updates. Proppy has a dashboard where you can see which proposals are currently active and where you can easily search through proposals by tags, client and proposal name. Want to find the last proposal for a mobile app you won? Easy.

Proppy streamlines your process

Writing the proposal is only part of the process. If you are using Google Docs, you are on your own for getting proposals signed, getting paid or even just syncing data from your CRM. With Proppy, your client can sign and pay within the proposal itself. We also integrate with other apps you might be using like Pipedrive and Zapier.